http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/643924_10151093835656975_1007105498_n.jpgOn December 1st will you help us make adidas pay up?

Less than a month after our last mass international action against adidas we are gearing up for another one….

We need you to help make adidas pay PT Kizone workers, who are still owed US$ 1.8 million in severance pay a year after their factory closed down.

50,000 people have signed the petitions, 5000 people have targeted adidas’s Facebook page. But still they refuse to take responsibility.

Now it’s time to hit the streets.

Protests are being organised outside every major adidas store in the UK, and in other cities around the world.

Click below for information on the protest near you, then sign up to the Facebook group, get in touch with the contact person, or just turn up to the protest.

If you can’t make it, you can send messages of solidarity which will be sent on to the protesters and the Indonesian workers.


The background

In January 2011, the owner of PT Kizone in Indonesia fled, resulting in the closure of the factory in April the same year, and leaving 2,800 workers without work and the severance pay they were entitled to. Sportswear brand adidas had been sourcing from PT Kizone for many years, where workers were paid as little as US$0.60 an hour.

adidas are now refusing to pay a cent to PT Kizone workers who are still owed US$ 1.8 million in severance pay a year after their factory closed down.

The campaign

Since 2011 we have been campaigning for adidas to pay up. Nike and Dallas Cowboys, the other brands using the factory have agreed to pay their share of the $3.4m the workers are owed.

Why won’t adidas? They are happy to pay their $157m to sponsor the Olympics, but won’t pay 1% of that to avoid the destitution of those that made them their profits.

The only way to make adidas listen is to keep on the pressure. We will not stop campaigning until adidas pay up.


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