Our new ‘Six Items’ fundraising Challenge begins in 2 weeks time!! It’s the big one this time – Six Items for Six Weeks.

Our Challenge spans the length of Lent – a traditional time for fasting and taking stock of values and needs. If you’d like to sponsor our participants or find out more just click here. Our brave Challengers will be opting to raise funds and awareness for LBL’s vital work by wearing only 6 main items of clothing for the whole six weeks! To you and I that’s, say, 1 trouser, 1 top, 1 coat, 2 dresses and 1 cardi…. or 2 trousers, 2 tops, 1 jumper, 1 coat (undies, accessories, performance wear and pyjamas are not counted). So, it’s a big clothing fast for a great cause.

Our blog has some great tips on how to tackle the sartorial puzzle and if you’d like to take part just sign up here.

Indian workers spill out of factory

Our past Challengers have had such a positive experience:

“So, it’s the end, but really for me it’s the beginning of a new way of life. I have been able to look at myself and have realised I need to change. Change how I choose to spend my money. Change where I choose to shop. Change how I think about fashion. Change how I think about others. I have realised that my choices have an effect on other people’s lives, in a big way. This challenge has been eye opener for sure…”

“Realising your morals is so much more successful as part of a ‘challenge.’”

“Having only started to take the issue of ethical clothing seriously last summer it has been so good to participate in this challenge and feel like I have made a positive impact in raising some awareness and a bit of money for a really worthwhile cause.”


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