A Fashion Fast to end Fast Fashion

We hear from Rosie, one of this year’s Six Items Challenge participants on how she found the 40 day fashion fast.

Rosie writes:

I have just completed the ‘Six Items Challenge’. This involved wearing the same six items of clothing for six weeks in order to raise money and publicise the cause of ‘Labour behind the Label’. Labour Behind the Label campaigns for better working conditions and a living wage for the garment workers who labour in terrible conditions for low pay in order to bring us cheap fashion on the high street.

I found I was able to open many conversations about workers rights just by asking people if they’d given up anything up for lent, to which they responded “Did you?”

What have I learnt from the challenge?

  • I could survive with a minimalist wardrobe and a washing machine
  • I evidently don’t need many clothes therefore I should buy less, but purchase good quality as cheap items soon wear out
  • I should be grateful that I have a wardrobe full of clothes and get more wear from them
  • I took more care of my clothes – spilling Spaghetti Bolognese down one of my six items would have been devastating!
  • People don’t tend to notice that you’re wearing pretty much the same all the time!
  • Getting ready is quicker when you don’t have to decide what to wear.

Secrets of my success/survival

  • I chose fairly plain, classic (less memorable) items that mix and match
  • Accessorising was the key to avoiding boredom – creating new looks with scarves, coloured tights, belts, different footwear and jewellery.

I am looking forward to being creative and getting more wear out of the rest of my neglected wardrobe. We don’t need to go shopping for that many clothes!

I challenge you to take up the Six Items Challenge next time!


You can still sponsor Rosie online here

And sign up to the 2016 Six Items Challenge here.


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